Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dolly Sods...

This past weekend Bob and I made our way to Dolly Sods for a few days of backpacking. We hit the trail head around 3:30 PM Friday. Bob had a campsite in mind, which we would have to make good time to get there before dark.

We made good progress and were even able to take in a nice lookout.

It was  a great view of Canaan Valley. A short while later we hit our first campsite. Bob had stayed there before, so we knew it would work.

After we got a fire going it was time to lighten our packs a bit.

We were back on the trail early the next morning. We had an area we wanted to camp near but no real plan, so we just hiked and enjoyed the awesome scenery.

 we hit a trail called Rocky Point, and it was aptly named.
 The trail went on like this for a while, it was hard going, but some of the views were well worth it.

 After a while we found our next campsite. A nice spot well off the trail right next to a stream.

The next day we were set up for, what I thought would be an easy hike back to the car. It wasn't too bad until we hit the Beaver Dam trail, which was flooded, by, you guessed it, a beaver damn. The only way through was across the top of the damn. It was wet, but not awful, that part came when we hit the bog. This was really wet and muddy, plus it went on for ever. By the time we finally got through it, we were both pretty wet.  I was actually praying for the rock trail again.

 It was a couple of little climbs later and we were back at the car. It was a great weekend. the weather was perfect, and the hiking was awesome.
You can see more pics here


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