Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Change of Plans...

 This was my third trip to the White Mountains with the intention of climbing Mt. Washington. This year we added Sean to the mix which required a second guide from the EMS Climbing School. The plan was to take a technical route to the summit. Unfortunately, the technical routes all had avalanche danger. The only option was Lions Head Trail, which we could do without a guide, so plan B was ice climbing in Crawford Notch. I was stoked for this, I have always wanted to try ice climbing.
This is Willey's Slide. The picture doesn't show just how steep it is. We were doing a Multi Pitch Climb. We split into 2 groups, Sean and Craig went with Keith, while Bob and I went with Paul.
 This is an Anchor Point that Paul set. The system was, Paul was tied to a rope, I was tied to the other end. I also had a second rope tied to me with Bob tied to other end. Paul would climb with me belaying him, he would set ice screws along the way. When he got towards the end of the rope he would set an anchor point. Now it was my turn to climb. It was really awkward for me at first, but by the second pitch I was getting comfortable and more confident.

Bob on his way up to Paul and I.

Once we topped out it was an awesome feeling. Now, this wasn't the most difficult climb, but it wasn't a stroll through the park either. The hike down was fun, we even did some glissading. Once we got most of the way down we got into setting anchors, making anchor points, and practicing self arrest.  At the end of the day we learned a lot, and had a great time. We are already looking for more options for next year. I think we are going to add a day and climb one day, then do Mt. Washington the next.


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