Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Think I'm Ready...

  I haven't raced much the past couple of years. Reasons being burn out, too lazy to train, injury, and so on. I think i am ready to race a whole season again. It's all thanks to Fatmarc introducing me to Strava. Strava has turned out to be a great  training tool. It's basically like the old video game days, when you were always trying to beat the other guy's high score, only now you are racing on sections of trail or road against other people.

  So, my first race will be Fair Hill spring race. I'm not quite where I want to be just yet, but it will be good training. After that Marc and I are doing the Michaux Maximus 20 miler. In the past it was all about suffering through the 40, but I feel it is time for something different, I'm even racing a geared bike for the first time in years. It is still Michaux after all.

  Now I have to mention the race that everybody should be signing up for. Granogue is a 12 Hour race this year, not to mention the trail run and time trial and the Iron Monkey comp. There will be camping on the estate and lots of good riding. We are making a few tweaks to the course this year. Nothing drastic, just trying to take a little of the sting out of it. I will be riding solo this year.

 Also a big part of our race is Sam's big bike gear raffle for HERA. Make sure you buy lots of tickets to increase your chances of winning some great prizes.


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J. Harp said...

I also experience burning out every now and then. My remedy for burnt out is I'll take a vacation even for three days relaxing by the beach never thinking about biking and forgetting my best hybrid bike for a while.