Sunday, August 19, 2012

Looong overdue post...

 I t has been a very long time since I posted anything. I really have no reason. It's been a pretty up and down summer. I've had various injuries and illness' that put a damper on my race plans.
 I did make it to the Rattling 50 in Lykens PA. I have ridden these trails a few times and always enjoyed them. The race told a different story. The weather was not real hot, but it was real humid.  started off feeling pretty good, but I tried to keep it nice and steady. I thought I was drinking enough, but I guess by the excruciating cramps I had, I wasn't. I spent 30-40 minutes on the side of the trail trying to make them go away.
In the end it was all I could do to finish.

 Today was my 3rd Livestrong ride with Liz. Since she is just getting over Pneumonia, her plan was to do the 45 mile ride. I was going to ride with her to the split, then do the 100. Then I remembered, this ride isn't about me, it's about Liz, Todd and the many survivors and victims of this horrible disease. I really enjoy this ride, and I can't imagine doing even 1 mile by myself. Thanks to weather gods as well today. Cloudy and cool all day.

 Next up the SM100. I am riding gears for the first time. That should be interesting.



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thanks for being there, Buddy. next year I'll lead you around the 100!