Sunday, May 19, 2013

9 Hours of Cranky Monkey, @ Rocky Gap.

 Not long after Our 6 hour race, Marc asked about doing the 9 hour at Rocky gap. The course description sounded fun, plus we would be doing a 3 man team. We have always had pretty good luck at these races, this one would be the exception.

 Marc went first and put down a good first lap despite finishing on a flat. My first laps went well, and I even passed the only team in front of us. Travis came next with second place right there. This was going to be an all day battle. Then our luck started to run out. Marc was on the leaders wheel and getting ready to make his move when he flatted. That was happening to a lot of folks out there. Travis had chain suck issues on his second lap. I went out for my 3RD lap. I wasn't feeling great but was still having a decent lap, then I flatted.

 Just like that we went from being in the hunt to 8TH. I was pissed at myself for being to aggressive on the descent, but we kept racing hard and managed to finish 4TH.
  Giving the solo racers there due, and spreading the word of T 6 Metal
It was a great day of racing and a lot of fun. Congrats to the Bike line boys, Scott, Travis and Chris on there second place finish.

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