Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just When The Knee Is Feeling Normal...

 So I am  months removed from knee surgery and thing are going well. My riding has come around and I feel good on the bike. Unfortunately I have another issue. I have had problems with my right shoulder for years, then 5 years ago I dislocated it. It has popped out several times since then, but always went back in. A month ago while climbing with Diane it came out and didn't go back in. After a trip to the ER I decided it was time to address it. I went to the same guy that did my knee, he is a knee and shoulder guy, he said surgery was my only option and ordered an MRI. The results were not good, not only do I need the Bankart procedure, it turns out I have a torn rotator cuff, which requires another procedure.

 So, what does this mean? It means I am getting surgery on my shoulder July 15. That means a sling for 5 weeks, no riding for 2 months, and no mountain bike for 4 months. I will however, be able to do some climbing this winter. Getting 2 surgeries in a 7 month span is going to really suck, but once I am recovered I won at 't have to constantly worry about my shoulder popping out. I will work hard to beat all the time frames just like I did with my knee, and I will come back stronger than before.

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