Sunday, March 16, 2014

Slowly Getting Back To Normal...

 So I am now just over 3 months post surgery and I am starting to almost feel normal. I've been back to work for a few weeks and, weather permitting, riding somewhat regularly. I still have stiffness and some mild pain  on occasion, but it's a little better each day.

 I've even been climbing. Just top roping at the gym, but climbing. This was a good weekend. Yesterday I did Marc's Mr. Belvidere ride, it was a tough group, and I suffered, but I got through it. After that I met up with Diane to climb. I was tired and climbed like shit, but it still felt good to climb. Today I decided to do the Peoples group ride figuring I could sit in for 50 flattish miles. Unfortunately we had a head wind coming back and there was no sitting in, but again, I survived and managed two good rides this weekend.

 I am hoping for dry trails soon, since my doctor has cleared my to mountain bike. In the mean time, I will continue riding the road.



D.Henly said...

Man. you put me to shame. I'd be babying that knee. #beastmode

Lucifer said...

Hey, buddy, congratulations and great wishes for you, after all, you complete your post surgery. Take care fo yourself and also feel normal. Thanks for your article.