Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Singing Cyclist

Today I did a solo ride from my house. I didn't have a lot of time because Rachael and I were going shopping at Weggmans. Weggmans is the ultimate grocery store. Normally I don't get excited about grocery shopping but this place is really cool.

Well the ride today was cool because I was going to try my new MP3 player. I loaded it with a bunch of music and hit the road. I was only planning on an hour and a half. I must say the time flew by, nothing like having your favorite songs with you when your riding alone. I found myself singing right along. Not realizing I was singing pretty loud until a couple of motorists were looking at me absolutely horrified. Which is understandable because I can't sing for shit. It didn't stop me though I just kept singing and riding and having a grand old time. It turned out to be a good ride, 1:38 and 27.5 miles of nice easy pace. Just remember if you decide to ride while listening to music; 1 - you can't hear cars coming up behind you, 2- if you can't sing but find yourself doing it anyway people will look at you funny.

Well that's all folks.

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