Saturday, February 12, 2005

Good for the Soul

I have been getting in a lot of hours on the bike. Unfortunately they are all on the road. It's not that I hate riding my road bike, with the right group and loop it can be fun, but it is nothing like the freedom of being on my mountain bike. Give the recent warm wet weather trail riding has been impossible. Well that was until Friday. I was noticing how cold it was getting Thursday night and started thinking that if I got up early and headedto the trails they would probably be frozen. Everything went according to plan, I got up early and headed out. The trails were frozen and fast. The only problem was they were not going to stay that way long. I was having a great ride then the trails started to thaw and were getting wet muddy and sloppy. I decided to call it a day. I only got to ride for an hour and a half, but it was awesome. I had the trails to myself and riding the trails is good for the soul. I am hoping for more freeze next week, fingers crossed.

Today it was back to the road again. It was a huge group rolling out of Marc's house for 3 1/2 - 4 hours of pretty flat roads. I was looking forward to a flat ride, because I haven't done one all year. When I saw the group I new it would be fun. There was fatMarc, Ted, Tom, Dude, Brian, Lauri, Fitzy, Keith G, SS Dan, Andrew, James, Brent B, Slick Rick, Henry, and a couple others from the secret Henry's team. The ride was pretty uneventful except for the bidge out, which had Tom thinking of doing a Lance Armstrong cu through a field and over a ditch, Tom thought better of it. The Head wind was KILLER today, nobody wanted to be at the front for long. Then we hit a stretch of Canal rd with a tail wind. It was game on, Brent went first I chased up to him and a few others joined in. This "peppy section" put a hurt on a couple of guys, but we cruised on. There was one last part i was not looking forward to. The climb up 213, it is not steep but it grinds on you especially after 3 hours. We had a small group off the front heading back and the hill was starting to get to me when "super dude" cruised up and blocked the wind for me, thanks man, I was able to recover and cruise home. All in all it was a great ride, 3:20 and 58.5 miles.

Well I have to go chill, There is another ride tomorrow.

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