Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oh! the Pain

Today was another day in the saddle. The ride was from Landhope in Kennett. We had a really good group again today. Matt T, SS Dan. Mike K, Ted, Charlie, Brent "bad ass" Biddle, and Dan "the man". We rolled out at a little after 9 at a nice pace. Things were going along well, the we hit 82. The headwind hit us hard. Matt "fresh legs" Thompson went to the front and pulled for most of it. We cruised along a little longer then the hills started popping up. There weren't alot of attacks but the pace up the hills was brutal. My legs were screaming from yesterday. We came up Bancroft rd ( right past Mike k's house ) I tried to set a steady pace, man it was killing me , but no one came around me until the very end. The hills were coming often now and were starting to take there toll. Dan the Man split off from us just before we hit Frog Hollow rd, he did 6+ hours yesterday and was heading for Delaware City, Sick. We went on up Frog Hollow, not a steep climb (until the end) but it is a mile long. We finally hit a flat section and Charlie took off, this is his thing he's a time trial guy, Matt went after him I grabbed Matt's wheel and we caught him but it hurt. Then Charlie goes again this time Ted went with him and nobdy else wanted any part of it. We started re-thinking our loop and decide to just head back. We were all a little cooked. For some stupid reason we decided the quickest way back was up Cannery rd, the one with the mountain goats. This is a killer climb especially after 2 1/2 hours into the ride. I ride most of the way right next to SS Dan, with Mike K on our wheel. Eventually Dan pulls away and Mike comes around me. I didn't go after them, sorry I couldn't go after them. I get to the top and who do I see. My wifes employers out walking there dogs. Let me explain, Mr. Scott is about 78 and Mrs. Scott is 72 and they are about 3 miles from there house and had walked up a huge hill, I hope I am that lively at that age. Mr. Scott asks" where are you going?" I said in a very tired and out of breath tone " I don't know I am just following those guys". We cross over 842 and hit two more little hills then finally it is flat and down hill the rest of the way back. It was another great ride, we ended up with 2:50 and 48.5 miles, not a bad weekend, although I did go way over my hours fro the week. Oh well that is what the PAIN is all about. Damn I love riding my bike especially with good people.

By the way Brent "Bad Ass" Biddle spent most of the day pulling us around or going back down the hill to help out the others. Thanks Brent, from all of us.

til next time

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