Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Today's Ride and Break in

Well, I had one day to recover from the weekend now it was time to ride again. The ride from Matt's house with Billdo joining us. We were looking to get two hours or so. Matt as usual had the route planned out, well sort of. We headed out of his house at a little after 2. We left Landenberg and headed towards Lancaster County. I didn't know how I was going to feel so I just tried to sit in benind Bill or Matt. This seemed to be working for me. I was riding behind Bill, then the sun started to come out nice and bright. I couldn't help but notice Bill's knickers were, well they were fucking see through. I must say I found this pretty disturbing and made every effort to sit in behind Matt. I hadn't said anything about it. Matt took that honor," Bill did you know your shorts are see through". Bill said "Maybe I should have gotten a large". "Yeah Bill the nike swoosh on your ass looks a bit stretched out".

We were riding on when Matt decided to inform us he didn't know where we were. "I've never been on this road before". It was a nice day so none of us were too concerned. I had bee sitting in for an hour now and I was feeling pretty good. We did a couple of small attacks on some hills, and I was actually feeling pretty good. We hammered for awhile hit some hills then headed back to Matt's.

It was a good ride, 34.5 miles 2:08 ride time and a good group. We were standing aroud outside when Matt mentioned moving a desk into his basement. Of course to sweeten the offer he through the complimentary Beer, how could we refuse. We took care of the desk drank our beers, I downloaded adobe reader for Matt so he could read some e mail attatchments. Now it was time to go. Bill obviously didn't want to go, because he locked his keys in his truck. Nice work Bill. He went and got a coat hanger from Matt. We were having no luck. Matt came back out after his shower, smelling quite lovely to I might add, We tried several techniques, but nothing was working. I finally pried his door open enough to get the coat hanger in and finally we popped the lock. We all went our separate ways, but it's stuff like this that makes life interesting.

One more thing I have added a link to all my pictures. If you need to log in my e mail is

buddyb@direcway.com and my password is scooper.


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