Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Should Probably Be Out Ridng!

I didn't ride again today. That is 2 days off, I can't remember the last ime i took 2 days off. The weather today was pretty crappy. It rained all day and the temp. never got above 60. Tomorrow doesn't look any better either. If it isn't raining when I get home tomorrow I will be out on the road doing hills. If it does rain tomorrow I will in the basement on the trainer doing intervals, YEAH BABY!

Rachael offered to take us out to eat tonight. Who am I to reject such an offer. We went to the Half Moon, probably my favorite place to eat. They are always changing and adding to their beer selection and tonight was no different. They have added Dogfish 90 minute IPA on tap. Man that is one good fucking beer. I had a buffalo burger with bacon and swiss and 2 90 minutes, what a good dinner. Rachael went with the Sesame Chicken salad and a Magic Hat Blind Faith. Also good stuff.

Now I fancy myself as a bit of beer guru, I mean I know a lot about beer and different brewing styles. While Rachael and I were having dinner I couldn't help but over hear a couple of guys trying to order beer. they asked the waiter for some advice, but he was about 19 and didn't know shit about beer. They mentioned Belgian, and I couldn't help it I had to but in. I went over to their table and gave them a brief description of some of the milder Belgians. After I sat back down I felt a little weird. I asked Rachael if I over stepped my bounds and she just shook her head. Man, am I nosy, plus I seem to try and push my love of good beer onto everybody. One of these days I may actually succeed, or get my ass kicked.

Well I must go now so thanks for reading

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