Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lesson Learned...

Chris and Bob look on as I repair one of many flats. ( photo by big Ben)

I met up with the Beans gang for a ride at French Creek today. Ben, Bob, and Chris were kind enough to let me tag along.
You see for the past 3 years I have been riding tubeless tires. I always ran 38psi. Since going to the 29er I had to switch to tubes, and I set them up with the same pressure. That was my big mistake. I managed to triple flat today. Thanks to Ben and Bob for their extra tubes. Other than the flats I felt really good today. I was climbing well but descending like a jackass, hence the 3 flats. The ride was awesome though, Ben put together a great loop. The climbs were tough but doable and it seemed to flow very well. I am looking forward to my next ride at French Creek, one where I don't flat.
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