Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gotta Love the Weekend...

This was a good one for me. Rachael and I went out to eat Friday and saturday night, you can't celebrate getting a green card enough. Friday night we met Matty T, Amy and stud boy Hunter for dinner at the Whip Tavern. It was a good meal and a good time. I don;t have kids and probably never will, but I do like kids. Hunter is a good baby, never fussy and always happy. What I find most amusing about babies is the parents. I get a kick out of watching grown ups make faces and funny sounds to keep children entertained.

Now for the rides. Saturday it was Fair Hill, the group, Todd, Ted Kurtee and myself. Todd led a great ride. the pace was steady but not brutal. We had a lot of fun and as always Todd put together a great loop. I felt really good, I mean Really good, but I thought nothing of it because my race season is over.

Today we rode White Clay and Middle run. Matty T, Ted and I left from Matt's house. We picked up Andrew at the ticking tomb. We were running a little late, so we hammered to the Possum Hill lot, where we picked up Todd. Today I took the lead. I was feeling really good. I tried to keep the pace mellow, but I was having fun riding my new Spot Brand bike. Like a too tight thong the pace kept kreeping up. The goup was staying together for the most part until the Judge. Once we hit the fun stuff Todd kept telling me to GO. I put the hammer down. I don't think I hve ever ridden the Judge so well. I was nailing the turns and just flying. It was down to Todd and I, I tried to push the pace even more. At one brief moment i think I had a slight gap on Todd. The problem was I hurt bad and I heard Todd call a truce. I was happy to hear it. We re-grouped and pressed on. The ride was fast the majority of the time and Andrew and Ted wanted an easier pace so when I flatted they went on. I only wish I would have had this form at a couple races earlier this year, but OH Well, it is all about having fun now. In the end Matt and I ended up with 3+ hours on a Beautiful Fall day.

The icing on the cake was the Eagles coming back from 18 points down to win on the road today. I have to admit the first half was very frustrating, but being a hard core fan I was rewarded for hanging in there. They came back and dominated the 2nd half to pull out the win.
Well it is time to go watch the Simpsons and relax.
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