Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

The Good: I got in some quality riding this weekend. Saturday Matt and I rode from his house to White Clay. We met up with Jay Jay and John C. The trails were great in the beginning. We kept a nice steady pace. Then the temp. Started to go up and the trails turned a little sloppy, mostly through the open fields. We managed 3.5 hours though.
The Bad: Today we decided on a road ride. Billdoh and I rode from my house and met up with Ted Logic, Matt run Forrest, John K aka Booty Rubbin', and John big ring Cleary. I was not feeling good today. I thought my legs would loosen up a bit but they never did. Matt led us around a really good loop, even if there was a lot of climbing for this time of year.
The Ugly: Two hours into the ride it started to rain. It was light at first but started getting heavier. I was feeling bad, Matt and Ted were cooked and still had to ride back to Landeberg, about another hour in the rain. We were close to my house so I offered them a ride home.
It was a very good ride even though it was raining and I felt like shit. Plus I got just enough time to reach my goal for the week.

Resting nicely,

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steph said...

heeeeey buddy. thanks for checkin' out my blog... yup, road rides are always bad news. keep it real & on the dirt my friend!