Friday, February 03, 2006

Some Pretty Good Ridin' Goin' on...

Tuesday afternoon I met up with Spot Paul for a little Fixie ride. He has a real nice fixed gear loop. I tried real hard not to use the brakes, but had to a few times.

Wed. night was another trip to Downingtown. I am really starting to Love riding there. The trails were good and we were having a good ride. We were coming down the trail when all of the sudden some one flipped on a spot light and yelled for us to stop. We did stop and come to find out it was some guy who lived near by. He was complaining that we were on his property and terrorizing his family. We tried to reason with the guy and explain what we were doing and who we were. He just kept repeating "I don't want any trouble". I think he thought we were a bunch of young punks or something. We offered to move the trail off of his property and to not bother him again.

About 20 minutes later we spotted a cop on the access road we were headed for. We followed the trail down and went over to the cop. He was nice guy, he was just responding to a complaint. It seems our new Friends wife, decided to call the police on us anyway. As I said the cop was cool he even offered to find out who owned what property so we could get permission straight from the source. The worst part of all this was, we lost about half an hour of riding. But the beer at Victory was good as always.

Last night I met up with Todd, fatmarc, and Brent Biddle for a ride at Middle Run. The trails were in good shape and we were having a fun ride when Todd flatted and Brent broke his carbon fiber seat post. Brent's night was done, but we swung back to the lot to pick up slick Rick. After a while Marc headed for home and the 3 of us continued on. Todd was leading a nice pace when all of the sudden he spotted another group in front of us. Next thing I know we are flying after them. One by one we picked our way through there group. Some tried to stay with us but it wasn't happening. It was a lot of fun, but definitely not base miles.

Well Ta Ta for now,

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