Friday, January 27, 2006


There are a lot of things in life, that if you change them you can't go back. This holds true in cycling especially.

My bike set up used to be a 26 in. single speed with a riser bar.
Now I am riding a 29er with a set of Jones Bars.

Today I took out my Desalvo. First thing I noticed was the bars. They felt totally alien to me. Even after 2 hours they just never felt comfortable.

I also noticed the way the bike rolled down the trail. My Spot 29er definitely rolls down the trail better and carries momentum a lot better.
I guess what I am trying to say is, I can't ride a 26 in. mountain bike anymore, maybe if it has a set of Jones bars but I don't think so.
I had been toying with the idea of selling my Desalvo, and now I think it might happen.

Rockin the 29 way,


Jason said...


Interesting comment about the can't go back to 26ers. That's one of the reasons I fear the 29er. I got so much 26er shit what the hell would I do with it?? HA!

Actually I have the chance for a killer deal on an 06 Salsa Dos Niner and It comes down to me selling my Salsa El Santo frame or my beloved Titus Ti HCR. Since the Dos-9 rides like a HT (even with the softail) logically it seems the HT would be the one to dump. But what if I don't dig the 29er? Then I'm out my old ti friend and fox fork. Hmmmm. BBBBBBut for my style of racing the 29er kinda makes sense. Got any opins?

Just got back from a road ride. time to hydrate with my last Golden Monkey.


Buddy said...

think the 29er is definitely the way to go. I had a lot of 26 stuff as well, in fact I am selling the last of it now. I think once you see the benefits of the 29er you will be hooked. The only and I mean only down fall to the 29er is the limited tire selection. Which is getting better.
By the way, do you know anybody in the market for a sweet Ti Single Speed?


Jason said...

Thanks. Got the go ahead tonight from my team manager (wifey) to go with this. Might go 29er for Marathons and what not and 26 fs for technical singletrack. Thanks for the feed back. Mucho Appreciado. Ride on. JM