Sunday, February 05, 2006

3 Down, 3 To Go...

Today put an end to my 3rd week of base, that means I am half way there. Yesterday I went out on my own. I knew the rain was coming so I headed out early. It was a good ride I was able to take it easy the whole ride. My goal was 3 hours, I ended up in with 2.5 but it was raining it's ass off when I was heading home.

Today I met up with fatmarc, Ted Logic, Fort James, and Matt Run Forrest. We left out of Marc's house bright and early this morning. The loop was pretty flat but the wind was brutal.

Ted Logic and Matt after one of Ted's tail wind attacks.

Matt was the man today. I think he was on the front for 3 out of the 3:40 we rode today. Not to mention he rode in from his house and rode home.
Next week I will take a little easy then put in two big weeks before intensity starts.

Time to get ready for the Super Bowl.


nweurosport said...

How many hours are you putting in this week?

Buddy said...

I am going fo 12 - 14 hours a week. Most on my Spot 29er single speed.