Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ouch Part II

My truck was wrecked last Wednesday. Today I finally found out what it will cost to fix it and when I will get it back. The other guys insurance was going to pay for it. Except it turns out he did not have enough liability to cover it. So now my insurance company has to pay for it and try to recover as much as they can from the other. The damage was just under $11,000. If the cost was a couple thousand more the truck would have been totaled. I think it may be in my best interest to trade it in as soon as I get it back, which won't be until March 8th. What a Royal Pain In The ASS.

Still Rockin' the rental,


Anonymous said...

wow that sucks,right up there with MASS killing the elite SS class.

big joe

Buddy said...

If it were possible. I would boycot all MASS races. Unfortunately I must do a few at least.