Sunday, February 19, 2006

Slow Week, But A Big Weekend...

The combination of leftover snow and my pure hatred of the trainer, put me behind for my hours this week. Luckily I was able to make up a lot this weekend. I would have loved to spend all weekend on the mountain bike but the temps Saturday were a bit too warm for the trails to stay frozen. So, I hooked up with L Webb's road ride. We had a nice big group show up, Which was good because the wind was relentless yesterday. Marc, James and Matt got an early start and ended up with a really nice ride. I was pushing to extend the ride for us late starters and was able to convince Rick, L Webb, single speed Dan and Lisa to join me. It turned out to be a good ride. I did come away from the ride with a few observations.

1 - Slick Rick is always fast.
2 - Matt run Forrest is riding as strong as ever.
3 - fatmarc is coming on strong as well.
4 - I am finally starting to feel good on the bike again.
5 - There is nothing like being the last man standing amongst the only two women on the ride.

Today was one of the best rides of the year for me so far. I was expecting to feel worked over after a little over 4 hours yesterday, instead I felt pretty damn good. Marc led us around a great loop. The lucky bastard is less that a mile from one of the sweetest sections of single track in the park. We were joined by Matt run Forrest, Andrew the Great, Fort James, once a week Paul, Ted Logic, and Billdoh. The pace was nice and steady the whole time. As always there were plenty of jokes and jabs, all part of riding with friends. The strange part for me today was, I felt better 2 hours into the ride, and still felt good at the end. I have to say everybody was riding very well today. I hope this is a sign of things to come.


CA said...

Buddy... You damn well there will be a house warming party and you and the Miss' will be invited!!!

gwadzilla said...

four hours on the bike?

I have not done four hours on the bike since the Shenandoah Mountain 100!

you guys make me feel guilty
also make me feel lazy

then when I see you at the races....
you make me feel slow