Thursday, February 09, 2006


Yesterday started innocently enough. I go to work. After work I head to Middle Run for a little ride. I met up with Matt run Forrest for a little while. It was a pretty good ride even though I felt like crap and the trails were a little sketchy in spots. Then I was headed home. This is when things went wrong. I was traveling along Newark rd. Just as I was crossing over rte 41 some idiot made a left turn in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and hit the horn, but at least I didn't hit him. Then as I am almost across the intersection an even bigger idiot tried to turn left in front of me. This time he didn't make it. I slammed into him pretty hard. Everything went white as my airbags deployed. After a brief moment I gathered myself, made sure I wasn't hurt, then found my cell phone and called 911. The other driver was not hurt either, and lucky for him my bike stayed on the roof rack. Because I can tell you I would have been really pissed if that got damaged.

This was the end result.

Now I have to got through the hassle of getting a rental car and either getting my car fixed or buying a new if it is totaled.

The other came out a little worse that mine. But the all important thing is know one was injured, and my bike is OK as well.

Rockin' in the rental,


crouse said...

That sucks! Glad your OK.

Anonymous said...

hey Buddy I don't drive that way because eveyone goes left on south 41 or north 41 So I drive down to Penn green rd But I know this is a little out of your way but it safter