Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rides and a Chilling Experience...

So far this week the base miles have been right on schedule. A couple of solo road rides and fun mountain bike ride at Downingtown. This is my last big week of base and I have to tell you I am looking forward to the workouts. I know that sounds strange, actually looking forward to a lot of pain, but I have some big goals this year and they won't happen without a lot of hard work.

Today I me up with fatmarc, Kurtee, Single speed Dan, and Fort James for a little tour of White Clay and Middle Run. The trails were fast and frozen early on, but it didn't take long for the sun to start thawing things out a bit. After a couple of laps around White Clay Dan and I decided to hit some of Middle Run. We were having a good ride, yeah we hit a few sloppy sections but for the most part the trails were good. I wanted to ride the tricky rock section on the Dragons back trail, this turned out to be a bad idea. I thought thins were going well, then all of the sudden I was falling towards the water. I thought for sure would be able to stop myself, but I was wrong. I tumbled into the icy water of the stream. The initial shock took my breath away, I have never been in water that cold before. The worst part was I had a pretty long ride back to my truck. I have seen this happen to a couple of my friends before ( Matt, and Bill doh) and once I knew they were alright I thought it was pretty funny. At first I wasn't laughing today. Hell, I was to fucking cold to laugh. Once I got out of my wet gear and into a warm truck, I realized it was pretty funny, but at least I didn't do it in front of a big group.

Trying to warm up,


Jason said...

What's goin on Buddy? Had to come check out the blog. Saw your comment over on mine. Good luck with the selling. Are you going the eBay route? I had some luck by posting on the Dirt Rag "Flea Market" forum too. Good luck.

Hey, ever race French Creek? Plan on doing the endurance race there on April 22. Need some beta. Heard there's lots of rocks.

One word: Red Hook ESB Mmmmmmmmmm. HA! Have a good one.

Andy said...

there was alot of that (getting soaked on the trail) going around today.