Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Return To D-Town...

I made a promise to myself that on race weeks and rest weeks I would skip the Wednesday night Downingtown ride. Last night was my first ride back there in about 5 weeks. I forgot how hard this place is, not to mention the Bean's Boys are flying right now. I was feeling pretty good at first. The ribs weren't bothering me that bad, and my legs felt good. Riding at Downingtown in the daylight definitely makes things a bit easier as well.

I was climbing well early on, but I paid for those early efforts later on. Bob started launching attacks, I was able to cover the first couple but I soon found myself getting dropped. I managed to regain some composure at the end.

After the ride came the beer. Last night I got to try a new one. The Victory Triple Pilsner. Usually don't go for a Pilsner, but this one was awesome. Plenty of hops yet very refreshing and not too heavy. Only problem is it is only available at the brewery.


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