Sunday, May 28, 2006

You Have To Stick The Landing...

My plan for the weekend was to get 3 hard rides in. Saturday was White Clay and Middle Run. We had a strong group; Brent Biddle the Ti Domi of Cross, Green Trek John, Jay Jay, and Fitzy. My plan was a steady tempo kind of ride. It started off good. I felt strong and tried to push the pace a bit in the beginning. This feeling didn't last long. I tried to hammer through the Judge but there was just too much traffic. You see, there was this 34 mile marathon trail run going on, and I thought we were sick. Even after we were out of the running traffic I still felt like shit. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it going. Brent was riding really strong but had shifting issues so he bailed out. We hit the Boundry trail and John just blew by me like I was standing still. I haven't had anyone do that to me all year. He and Jay were flying up the climb. After that I decided to just settle in and try to ride my own pace. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful.

Lately I have been working on my flying. It isn't going all that well. I am like that 80's TV show where the guy can fly but he doesn't land very well .

You remember The Greatest American Hero don't you. Today's flight was not my fault. We were climbing up the double track to the Ruin's trail at Fair Hill. I was feeling good when all of the sudden, something seemed to grab my foot. Rumor has it, that even though I was flying through the air I kept pedaling, unfortunately this didn't help with the landing. This is where my problem lies. Last Friday night I got air courtesy of the Indo Board, but couldn't stick the landing, Last Wednesday I hit the fucked up bridge the wrong way and did a nice flip but just couldn't stick the landing. I guess this just proves I am no gymnast.

fatmarc led a great ride today. Joining us was the K Man, Spot Paul, Ted Logic, Fitzy, and Little Ben. The ride was nice and steady, well until we hit 5 Bridges. Marc always attacks when we climb 5 Bridges. Today I was able to caver his attacks, which makes me think he was holding back. My old Pal Spot Paul, who says he can't climb was on my wheel most of the time.
He even said to me,"You Don't want it to come down to a sprint". I took a page out of Todd's book and said," Don't worry Paul, there won't be a sprint. I have to say there is nothing like talking smack with your friends, and after all Paul started it.

Well I have to try and shake this little cold I picked up so I can go out and get my ass handed to me tomorrow.

Ta Ta For Now,

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