Saturday, December 09, 2006

Night and Day...

Thursday night Matt was and I were planning a ride at Middle Run, but old Todd El Presidente, invited us to for a rare Fair Hill night ride. I couldn't resist. Matt ended up not making it because of work. I got there a little early and ran into John Williams aka Bike Line Todd. We did a little loop then met up with the rest of the group. Todd immediately said we were riding in 2 groups and He John and I were off. It was really cool riding there at night. It seemed very different. The trails seemed longer and I often found myself wondering where we were. Todd put together a nice loop and kept a steady pace. Lot's O' Fun. I hope I get the opportunity again.

Today we rode Fair Hill again but we had to change from our usual meeting place because of a dog sledding event. The group was Matt run Forrest, Kurtee, and John C. It was a very brisk morning and the trails were frozen solid which made them nice and fast. We didn't ride the usual stuff which was way cool. I sometimes forget just how many trails there are at Fair Hill. It was nice to ride some of the less traveled stuff. Not to mention I was feeling pretty good for the 3rd straight ride. I am not sure but I think it has something to do with not cleaning my bike lately.

Well I must go, I have another ride tomorrow and I have to get on with the carbo loading!


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