Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Early Bird Special...

Since the end of last years race season ,and with some help from a 2 week vacation I managed to put on quite a few extra pounds. So, I decided to give this cleansing diet a shot to try and kick start my weight loss. I have to admit it is a lot tougher than I thought. Thanks to some advice and words of encouragement from the likes of Spot Paul, fatmarc, Dan the Man, and most of all my wife Rachael, I have been pretty good at sticking to the diet. Not to mention I have seen some results and they seem to breed my motivation to stay with it. I am looking forward to Wednesday when I can get back to some sort of normal eating. Did I mention I haven't had a beer since last Saturday, Oh The Pain...

Having said all that, since starting this diet I haven't ridden at all, until this morning. A small group of us got a very early start to take advantage of the frozen trails of Fair Hill. Matt Run Forrest, Ted Logic, Alan the Cleaner, and Kurtee joined me for some frozen fun. I was told riding while on this diet was hard, I was ready for the worst. Surprisinglg I felt OK, I mean I didn't feel great but I was able to get in close to 2.5 hours and never cmae close to a bonk. Even when Alan was laying down a brutal pace through Gallaher, and again on 5 bridges, I don't know what got into him but he was riding really well.

Well I just hope for a another freeze tonight and a little more energy for a ride tomorrow.

Only three and a half days left.


Jason said...

Man, good luck with that diet. You're really asking your body to do some things it just does NOT want to do.
Hope it all works out. The winter is a bastard with the poundage.


airing out said...

no beer at all!?!?!?