Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Might Just Be Back On Track...

After a trip to the doctors I found out I have a bronchial spasm problem. I now have an inhaler to try and clear things up. Since it is nothing serious I decided to try and get in some good rides this weekend.

Fort James set up a ride at Patapsco State Park just outside of Baltimore. Joining us from up here were Ted Logic, Randy, and Mike. We got to the meeting place and there were people everywhere. I knew a few folks, Chris, Ricky D, Trevor, Pos, Johnathan and met a few more who's names I don't remember. The ride started off a little bad as I proceeded to blow my tire right off the rim. Luckily I had plenty of Stan's left and was able to seal it back up. The trails down there were awesome. They had a little of every thing, from Steep lung bursting climbs, to long gradual ones, Plus some ass puckering descents and some sweet flowing fast single track. I look forward to riding there again.

Today was a local ride. A large group of us took advantage of the frozen trails at White Clay. Todd led the way and kept the pace brisk. The trails were super fast with what we refer to as Super Hero Traction. I even got to ride with fatmarc again. It's been a while since that. It was a great ride, and it was good to see a big group out today. Not to mention I actually felt pretty good for a change.


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EMpTy said...

Right on B, super traction, sweet trails, great ride. Time to retire that ODB to mid pack though, that sucka keeps jackin' me up on the climbs.