Monday, February 26, 2007

Base 1 In The Books...

We got another dose of foul weather yesterday and last night which will make riding outside impossible for a couple of days. This week I don't mind as much. I am on a rest week, and I can get the few hours I need on the trainer.

I did mange to get in some quality road miles over the weekend. Saturday we rode from Matt run Forrest's new shop and made our way into Lancaster. Charlie laid out a nice loop and for much of the ride I felt pretty good. I felt real good on the first big climb but paid the price shortly after when I popped on the next little rise. Thanks to Tom aka Papa Smurf who hooked me up with a Gu. I recovered and felt Ok the rest of the ride. Of course that could have been due to finally having a tail wind.

Yesterday I grabbed the Ipod and headed out for a solo effort. My legs were pretty worked from the day before so I took things easy, and still managed a few hours.

Rachael and I have found a new activity. Something we tried for the first time together. Marc and Diane invited us to climbing at a local indoor gym. Rachael and I had been wanting to try it for a while so I was excited.

Rachael seems to be a natural.

Me, not so natural...

We both had a blast except for the rental shoes. We now have our own shoes. If I could I would climb more often, right now it is a couple of times a week. It tales a few days for the muscles to stop hurting. But we are enjoying it.




JenBob said...

That place is right down the road from me. I think Jen and I will dust off the old shoes and head out there tonight.

airing out said...

a few tips and you'll be climbing like a pro.

1. straighten out your arms and stick your butt low to the ground until you are about to move to the next holds.
2. climb like a girl.
3. invite me and elk next time.

I've taught others these steps and they all climb better than me now.

Climbing is fun, isn't it?!?!?

Buddy said...

I was told about the arm staightening, I think I did better my second time out.

Next time might be Saturday night.


airing out said...

The arm straightening is key, yet it goes against a beginner's intuition, especially if you are a strong guy. Just think about monkeys. They climb all day, and keep their arms straight. You'll get it.

Unfortunately I entered a comp (oh the things I get talked into) this Saturday in NJ so I won't make it... next time though.

Anonymous said...

What is Run Forrest's shop?

Buddy said...

Oxford, PA