Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back Where I Belong, and A Little Rant...

The other night we had some torrential rains,usually this is a bad thing but not in this case. The heavy rain a warmer temps got rid of the snow that had been hanging around. The roads were nice and dry for a little ride on Saturday. I met up with K Man and Green Trek John for some quality road miles.

But the best thing this weekend was riding on some sweet single track. That's right for the first time in over a month Matt run Forrest, fatmarc and myself headed down to Elk Neck. Elk Neck is a magical land, it seems to have the ability to soak up water better than any other area around here. It's not the same as it used to be thanks to the dick head ranger, but it is still worth the trip. We had a great ride, the trails were just spectacular. I finished the ride with a clean bike. The only problem is now I have to go down there a few times next week, because I can't see myself riding the road again after today's ride.

While driving home I went by the big parking lot at Fair Hill. Much to my dismay the lot was full of horse vans. Now Fair Hill does not have the magic soil that Elk Neck does, so I know it was pretty muddy. But these FUCKING weekend cowboys don't care that they are destroying the trails that are there for everybody. They must think the world revolves around them. When the land that is now Fair Hill was donated to the state of Maryland from the DuPont family it was to be used as a park for everyone. Most mountain bikers know better than to ride there when it is wet, hell the majority of trails were built and maintained by the Delaware Trail Spinners a mountain bike club. When are these fucking idiots going to get it. Stay Off The Trails When They Are Wet.

Sorry about the rant but I had to get it off my chest.

Ready for a beer,


robert said...

I went for a road ride that took me by that parking lot as well. I had the EXACT same thought. The level of entitlement that a lot of (not all!) equestrians have is completely absurd.

Perhaps it is worth a letter to the editor in a few local papers?

MLKimages said...

Funny - that appears to be the consensus. John C and I were riding by that lot on Sunday and BOTH of us said the exact same thing.