Friday, March 09, 2007

I Am Ready...

The cold, the snow, the wet, well I am sick of all of it. I am ready for spring. I know the beginning of winter was mild,but last couple of months haven't been. I am tired of wearing 20lbs. of cycling clothes every time I go for a ride. I know it means the trails will be wet and un-rideable for a while, but I am OK with that. I just want it to warm up and stay that way. I know I should be careful what I wish for, because come August I will probably be singing a different tune.

On the brighter side, I've managed to take advantage of the cold and ride my Spot a few times. Tues. I hit White Clay/Middle Run, frozen fun trails, I think I hit just about all of them. Wed. brought a couple inches of snow and my return to Downingtown. Unlike the trails around here, Downingtown was still had a layer of ice, which we found the hard way since it was under the new snow. It was a treacherous to say the least. We weer hiking up and down most of the trails. But the after ride was awesome as always.

Yesterday Matt run Forrest and I hit Fair Hill. The trails were covered in snow but there was no ice to be found. Matt was feeling good, me not so much. This seems to be our pattern. Matt and I have rode a lot of miles together and I think you can count on one hand the times we both felt good. When I am up he is down and vice versa. yesterday Matt was flying while I was floundering. I still had a good ride, maybe next time I will remember to bring my good legs.


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