Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Crash and Burn...

With my first race of the year coming on Saturday I wanted to get in a hard fast ride earl in the week. Yesterday I hit the trails solo for the first hour and a half. I rode pretty hard, but still held back a little. I later met up with Matt run Forrest, and we started out pretty fast. It wasn't long before we found Todd, cruising around on Matt's other Spot. It seems Todd broke both his Kona's and is waiting for his new frame to arrive.

I managed to get to the front for a bit and I tried to drill it. I was feeling good at the time. We finally picked up some more of the group, Rob, Matt V, and Once a week Paul. We headed to the judge where Todd proceeded to lay the smack down. I was still feeling good and managed to stick to his wheel. Todd was flying, I haven't seen him ride this fast in a while.

After our lap we were on the half lap when I got lazy and let my front wheel slide out on me. The problem is we were going pretty fast and I hit hard. I tried to play it off and jump right back into it, but I wasn't the same. So about a half hour later I pulled out and headed home.

I did manage to get in a hard fast ride, which is what I wanted, but I would have liked to ride a bit more.

Hopefully my legs feel good for the MASS team relay on Saturday.


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