Sunday, March 11, 2007

Watch Out For The Horse Shit!!!

Yesterdays ride was nothing short of epic. Bob the new Spotwhore and Kevin organized a century ride. Kevin provided the loop and Bob let us all meet and leave from his place. After getting and idea of what the loop would be, and that it would come by house towards the end I decided to ride to Bob's with the option to bail out when I got close to home.

I rolled out of my house a little after 7am. It was only about a 45 minute ride, but a nice warm up. It didn't take long for the rest of the group to show up. The Spotwhores on the ride were fatmarc, Matt run Forrest, Bob, and Fitzy with special guests Rob Thomas, and Tom Papa Smurf. From the Beans camp was Kevin, Marcus, Ryan, Rob, Scott and Craig.

The pace was very reasonable in the beginning. I wasn't quite feeling it yet so I held back, plus I kept reminding myself we were doing 100 miles. After a while Fitzy decided to bail out, he wasn't having his best day, don't worry Fitz, it will come around. The rest of the group headed towards Lancaster.

My legs started to come around so I found myself riding at the front more. Who am I kidding my legs were feeling great, the odd part was this happened 50 miles into the ride. After a nice tour of Amish country we started to head towards Unionville. It was good to be back on familiar roads. Since Matt and I knew this area the group let us lay out some of the loop. I was 70 miles in and still feeling great. Tom kept telling me how he was going to be there when I finally cracked, and how he was going to laugh it up at my expense. He never got the chance. We rolled to within a mile of my house, but I kept going determined to get 100 miles. I was going to try and ride back to Bob's and catch a ride home from Marc. About 92 miles in I started to feel to end was near for me. I didn't think I was going to make it to Bob's that would have been a 15 miles or so. So I decided to head for home. I made the turn to head up 842, a nice long steady climb into a ferocious headwind. Hey Tom, I cracked, but you weren't there to see it.

I made it home and ended up with 101 miles in 6 hours, not too bad. The rest of the group hit the 100 mile mark as well, so it was a great day of riding for all of us.

Today, I will not be riding, it feels weird not to ride on Sunday, but it is kind of nice.


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robert said...

great ride my friend. I too did not ride today, and i felt slightly guilty. but it was f-ing sweet to sleep in (to 8) and go out to breakfast like a normal human. thanks for the pulls on Saturday.