Sunday, April 08, 2007

And So It Begins...

Yesterday was my first race of the. I am always very nervous going into my first race. Have I done enough training, I am going to get me ass handed to me, How bad is this going to hurt and so on. The first race of the year for me was MASS team relay. The mighty Spot Brand team showed up ready to through down. We had 2 teams for the event, fatmarc, Bob Elam, Mat run Forrest, and myself. The other team was Spot Paul, Fitzy, with special guests, Etown and John. There was also the DCCofD team of Tom Poppa smurf, Jan, Dan, and Rob.

Matt looking Pretty in Pink.

The race format was a four person relay, for 4 hours on a loop that took about 15-17 minutes. I have to say it was a blast but boy did it hurt like hell. There were 50+ teams showcasing there best riders. We were locked into a battle for 5th place with one of the Wild Blues teams. It was coming down to the wire. I was out on our 2nd to last lap when Mike Laub caught me and past me. I sucked it up and refused to get dropped. I managed to stay on his wheel and hand off to Marc. Because the other team had a rough transition Marc got out a couple seconds ahead. He battled with a super fast Junior named Zack, and in the end we ended up 6 seconds behind them. I read Marc's blog and he took the blame, but I was the one that got caught and gave up the lead. None of that really matters though because we all raced hard and finishing 7th out 5o some teams wasn't too bad. I want to thank Tom for bringing the trailer which was loaded with generators, coffee pots, and a giant heater.

I also want to thank the Beans Boys for supplying some tasty Victory Hop Devil.

Today I met up with Les the International Man of Mystery, Elk, and Poz for a little tour of Fair Hill.

After a short loop we ran into Todd and Alan who decided to join us. Todd ended up on the front and the pace got a little more brisk but still within reason. Elk and I were both a little tired from racing the day before, Elk raced in Connecticut. Even though the relay race was short I was still feeling the effects of it. Regardless of the fluctuating pace it was a good ride and a fun group to ride with. It was nice to see Poz, who is always good for few laughs.
I must nap now, so I am rested to have a few beers while watching the Tour of Flanders.

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Highway Munky said...

Well Done Buddy! thats great I'm thinking about entering a race but no where near fit enough yet and crapping myself about being thrashed! Well done mate 7th out of 50 is awesome!