Monday, June 04, 2007

That's Better...

It's pretty crazy how one day you feel like you can't ride anymore, and the next it all comes back. Saturday was a great ride with fatmarc, you can find out more here. I felt good Saturday, but I felt even better Sunday.

It was yet another multi park ride. This time we started at Matt (I want a new nick name) Thompson's place. From there we went to Fair Hill. The group was great, fatmarc, Todd, K Man, Rotten Rob, Onkle Mike from America, Fitzy, and special guests, Genital Ben and Jamie Bock.

Matt put together a nice loop, and kept the Tempo high. After a while he had to back it down a bit, which was OK by me, after all we were going for 5+ hours. The trails were in great shape, they seemed to get even better when a light rain started to fall.

After about 3 hours of Fair Hill we made our way to White Clay. I took over the Tempo and just tried to keep it steady. I went straight for the new stuff in Middle Run, after the hootin' and hollarin' it was time to make our way back to Matt's. It worked out well, I was hoping for 50 miles and we ended up with 50.5.

Now some rest and then try and rock out at the Stoopid 50.

Also, congrats to our team mate Surly Bob, who was out in Ohio kicking ass at the Mohican 100. Bob took second in the 100 mile Single Speed class. Nice Job Bob.



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