Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm No Computer Guru, But I Did Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night...

Rachael and I recently upgraded our computer. Everything was working great. One day I decided to set up our old computer and set up a network. After installing the wireless adapter I was ready to go.

This is when I discovered a problem. The DVD drive on the new computer wasn't working. I tried un-installing it, but that didn't work. I consulted with Les the International Man of Mystery and decided to try installing a new drive. Well that didn't solve the problem either. I was sure I would have to reformat the hard drive, which is a very time consuming project. Les also suggested googling the error code I was getting. I had tried finding a solution on the Internet before, but I didn't try searching the error code. Wouldn't you know it, I found a possible fix. It involved accessing the registry, which I know nothing about, but the directions were pretty straight forward. I went through the steps, restarted the computer, and it actually fucking worked. The drive works fine and I don't have spend hours reloading windows and all my software.

I will tell you this, our next computer will be a Mac.


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Anonymous said...

At least you've seen the light. Apple just came out with a new laptop.