Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ridin' and Climbin'...

This past weekend was pretty packed with activities. Saturday had me doing a ride at Brandywine with Les, Pete, and Charlie. As always it was a fun ride, even though I felt like ass.
Saturday night it was off to DRG for a little climbing. Not our usual place, but because of a big competition at PRG we made the trip. We even did a little top roping.

I was really looking forward to Sunday. The frozen trails of Fair hill did not disappoint. Marc led a great group, including, all the way from Dillsburg PA, Keith. It was good to see and ride with Keith again. The loop was fun and I actually felt OK for some of the ride.

Last night was more climbing back at PRG. We were all excited for more that one reason. First all the bouldering problems were brand new because of the competition. Second we took the plunge and bought harness' and took belay lessons. It was fun, and we will be tested on Monday.

Time to eat.


sam said...

yeah for rope climbing!

Suki said...

^ agreed.

harnesses and belaying???


sounds like you guys are ready for a lil trip to sukiland for some indoor climbing...

followed by lots of beer!

(yeah, I added the beer to get your attention, but that doesn't mean it wasn't true).