Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Hero Traction...

Due to the recent cold weather the trails around here are frozen solid. This means they are really fats with what we like to call "Super Hero Traction" These conditions make riding nice and slow almost impossible, which was proven on a couple of rides. Yesterday we had nice group roll out of Fair Hill, Keith came to town again and also joining the party were, Todd, Peaches, Kurtee, Jeb Bagger, L Webb, Leo, Tom Papa Smurf, Rotten Rob, and pushing the pace, and Todd, was Blair. This goes down as one of the best rides of 08 so far. Things started off nice enough, but it didn't take long for the pace to creep up. But like I said, it is hard to ride slow in these conditions.

Today was to be a bit more mellow, with a smaller group. Todd, Leo made a return appearance, and we were also joined by Alan, plus we picked up John Thompson for a bit. Despite the air temperature being above freezing, the trails were still frozen and fast. Another good ride.

Last night after climbing we met up with some folks for dinner and a couple of beverages at Four Dogs. Good food, good beer, and good company, you just can't beat that combination.


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