Thursday, February 07, 2008

What He Said...

I had a similar post all typed up, but I think Marc said it bettet that I could. in other words mine was not as nice as his. I understand how a company may want a change, or may be looking in another direction, and that is fine. My problem lies in the way things ended. We were never informed of any changes, we were just erased. I guess if you ignore something it will just go away. I did my best to represent the company and spread the Spot word. but I guess the in the end it just wasn't what the new owners had in mind.

I must admit, I kind of had a feeling things were not going to work out early on, but I was hopeful. I will say I appreciate all that Spot did for me over the past couple of years. I have no hard feelings, it was a good ride while it lasted.


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