Monday, April 21, 2008

Bakers Dozen...

I am not going to get into a whole lot of detail, but I will give you the low down.

We rolled into Leesburg with a pretty strong group of teams, we had just about every class represented. I was doing the men's two person with Rich. Rich was amazing, I don't think he ever slowed down. His last lap was in the same neighborhood as his first few.

I was doing good until lap 8, the last of our double laps. I cracked hard. I still rode every lap as hard as I could, but where I came up short was in transition. I have never missed a transition before, until this weekend. On more than one occasion I wasn't there when Rich came in, I really have no excuse. I can say I was tired, but so was everyone else. I was having a hard time eating, then when I did eat I had a hard time keeping it down, but I should have been there. Sorry Rich.

Enough self loathing.

The course was super fast and super fun. We did 23 laps and came in 8TH out of 45 two person teams. I am not disappointed with that, even if I was hoping for top 5. The rest of our little group also kicked ass.

1st DUO Open: Breyla la and Wheelie Ted
1st DUO Men's: Zayne Braun and Jebbagger
1st TRI Open: Slick Rick, Monkey and Faticus
2nd DUO Men's: Blair Blair and Jan
3rd Women's Solo: Melanie Nystrom
4th DUO Open: LWeb and Papa Smurf
5th DUO Men's: Auer and E-town (coming soon to MTV reality TV!)
8th DUO Men's: BLRich and Buddy the Keg Breaker
10th DUO Men's: Jay Jay and Doyle Rules
16Th DUO Men's: F-James and Dave (who had the most fun of anyone)
Men's single speed Solo: Les Leach (12 laps, 3 highlifes, and two naps)
Men's single speed Solo: Sven Nystrom (riding until he feels like drinking)

I can't give enough credit to everybody that gave us there support:

Elizabeth, kept Rich and I fed and always had water ready, plus words of encouragement, just when it seemed like I needed them most
Potty Mouth Princess,
Gavigan, who wrenched and drank for 13 hours straight
Wes' new lady, miss Behavin'
Tom, for making sure we had the pimpest set up in all the land.
Peaches, for letting us use his truck
and Brian.

I have to say this one really hurt, I am taking a few days off the bike and hoping for a quick recovery before Michaux.



breyla-la said...

You tried your best out there Buddy! You will recover strong for Michaux i'm sure!

Jason said...

Way to hang in there Buddy! Thanks for checking on me during that last lap of mine. Much appreciated. Good luck at Michaux.