Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Is In The Air...

The days are growing longer, the grass is turning greener, and all the trees are starting to blossom. Not to mention the trails are currently dry and sick fast, which usually makes for nothing but fast rides. Well on Tuesday my plan was a nice mellow solo ride, then I got a call from Wes. He was in town working on Jan's hardwood floors and wanted a nice easy ride. Next, I got a call from L Webb, her and Jeb were looking to ride. So I called Peaches to let him no our plan. Before you know it we have a really fast group gathering to ride some wicked fast trails.
I was sticking to the plan of an easy ride, but I knew it would be tough. Wes and I, met up and did a small loop before we hooked up with L Webb and Jeb, then we headed through White Clay hoping to pick up Peaches.

The pace was pretty mellow, Then on our way to Shock and Awe, we had to hurry around some guys before the fun started. At the bottom we found Peaches and Jay Jay. We rode for a bit more before Wes and I called it a day.
Nothing like a 2 hour recovery ride.
After Wes and I grabbed a sandwich and a beverage.

Yesterday I was able to hit up Fair Hill early, so I took full advantage of the nice weather. I rode the single speed, it felt great. I don't know what it is, but, when I have been on the geared bike for a while then hop back on the single, I always feel pretty good. It might just be that I am way more comfortable on the single, who knows.

Well know more riding til the race, which should be a really good time.


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