Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Cool Is Your Doctor...

For years I had an aversion to my doctors. When I was a kid my family all went to the same doctor. When he passed away his son and daughter took over the practice. Neither one had very good bedside manor. So for years I avoided going to the doctor.

Then I moved to Pennsylvania, and found a new doctor. With a lot of persuasion from my wife and a good report from Matt (who uses the same doctor) I made an appointment. My doctor rides so he knows where I am coming from a lot of the time. I still rush out to make an appointment, but I don't avoid going either. So I have been happy with current physician and this past week I found a few more reasons. While getting beer at my local distributor I ran into my doctor, buying some quality beer, that is a plus in my book. Then on Wednesday I was out for an easy spin at White Clay and ran into my doctor again. So now I have had random encounters with my doctor doing two of my favorite things. I think I will keep this one.

My trip to Keith's got postponed because of the weather so I did a short ride form home. Today the weather was humid, damp and not very nice, but I wanted to ride. We haven't had a lot of rain, so I figured Fair Hill would be OK. I was right.
My bike after 2+ hours of riding, not a lot of mud. In fact there was hardly any mud, there wasn't even a puddle. Sure it was pretty damp and the roots were slick, but that just makes it a little more interesting.

So those that decided it was too wet missed out. I had a great ride, and pretty much had the park to myself.

Well it is time to kick back and watch some football,



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airing out said...

I don't think my doctor knows what beer is.