Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beer, Beer, and More Beer...

This Saturday was the Kennett Brewfest, and as always, I was there. Last year was a bit if a disaster because they oversold and let 4000 people in. This year they limited it t0 2400 and added more vendors. This may have been there best effort yet. The wait for beer was never more than a few minutes and there was a lot of new stuff. My favorite was from these guys, there Gordon Ale was awesome, I will be buying some in the near future. VooDoo Brewery had a great stout, and I liked the name. There were a few others that I don't remember. Also I have to mention the band, Carl Filipiak, they have been there every year and they always impressed me, Check Them Out. Can't wait until next year.

Got out for the TNT ride again, legs were sluggish at first but soon opened up and I was feeling pretty good. We had a nice group and a nice flow going, until I stacked it on Shock and Awe. I found out the hard way that my tire air retention system had a leak, went fast into a turn and the tire washed. I hit the ground hard. It took a few minutes to shake the cob webs, then I called it a day. Now I have a really fat knee, and nice piece of trail rash on my ass. I just hope I can ride tomorrow and most of all Saturday, when I make my way to Keith's.

Time for another beer and more vitamin I

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