Sunday, October 12, 2008

Riding With Keith...

Yesterday I made my way out to Dillsburg Pa, to ride with Keith G aka Bobby's boy. Marc and I had been out there once before a couple of years ago and had a great ride, today was no different. The weather was perfect, the trails were in great shape, and Keith put together a nice 5 hour loop.

The ride was going well, although I was wishing I had went with a 20 instead of a 19. We were on the top of our first ridge when I got a flat. I was victim of not enough Stan's, as air was leaking out around the valve stem. After putting in a tube we were rolling again.

Not long after that my front tire stared spraying Stan's, but this time it sealed and all was well. The terrain was very unforgiving, the only civilized trails were the ones that Keith took the time build, all good stuff.

We stopped for a little snack and I noticed this...

I thought my ride is over. We booted the tire, but I didn't think it would last long out here.

We rode on, I was trying to be gentle through the rocks but that is almost impossible. The climbing was relentless, but the reward made it worth while, especially the last down hill. Which dropped us here...

It really is beautiful out there, and will be even more spectacular in the coming days.

We rolled back to Keith's felling happy and tired, and to my amazement the tire boot held.

I have to thank Keith and his family for the after ride burger and hospitality, I hope to make out there again soon.



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