Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beer and Riding Update...

The riding has picked up just a little lately. Starting on Friday when I met up with Todd and New Guy Matt for a trip to Frederick. My day started a bit hectic though. When I woke up at 5:15 am and checked on the beer, I found it ready to explode. I guess the fermentation was in full swing, because the bucket was ready to burst. I cracked the lid to relieve some pressure and blew trub all over the wall. I cleaned up the mess and moved the beer back into the basement.

I then made my way to meet the boys for the long ride to Frederick. The ride was awesome, we even met up with Fernando who showed us around some of Gambrill State park. After a short loop with Fernando we made our way to the Shed. The ride was awesome, despite the fact that I am WAY OUT OF SHAPE. We still managed almost 4 hours of riding. Followed by a trip to the local brew pub.

In the mean time my was found a surprise in the basement, when the lid blew off the fermentation bucket. I was in a panic thinking my beer was lost. I called the guy at How Do You Brew, and he assured me I should be OK. Later that day the beer did calm down, and seems to be doing fine.

Last night was the first time in a month that I did a night ride. I felt like ass, but it was great to get out and ride. I even rode with the T.N.T. group for a little while.

Today I transferred the beer to the secondary fermentation carboy. The gravity is almost where it needs to be, so I should be bottling soon.

Well it is time to start ringing in the new year.

Happy New Year!!!

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Frank said...

Home brew sounds waaay too complicated! ;o)

Peace and Happy New Year!
Ride One or Ride None!