Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fair Weather Rider No More...

I was finally able to string together a few good rides this week. I got out Tuesday night for a couple of hours. Thursday was a nice group for a New Years ride at Fair Hill. I even felt pretty good that day, it helped the the trails were in awesome shape.

Yesterday I met up with Matt for what turned out to be a 4 park ride. We were joined by Keith G, and Ted. We picked up Jay, Kurtee and John W along the way. I wasn't feeling as good as Thursday, but still managed almost four hours of riding.

Today was the debut of Rachael doing a ride in the cold weather. She never cold weather riding clothes, until we made a trip to EMS, which happens to be next door to Performance. Performance was practically giving winter gear away. So today we rode form the house out to the Laurels and back.
It was good to get out and ride together, and now that she has the gear we can do some more rides this time of year.

She still needs a pair of booties, but other that that she will be good to go.

On the beer side of things, I will be bottling Wednesday night, and starting a second batch by the weekend.

Time for beer and Football,



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