Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Weather, Good Trails....

Right now our region is in the middle of a cold spell, how cold, well yesterday when I left to meet Matt for a ride at Fair Hill it was 9 degrees. Yeah it was cold, but the trails were frozen and nice and fast, even if I wasn't. Matt has been fighting off some illness so he bailed early. So I rode for 3 hours alone. It was a good ride, and I somehow managed to stay warm.

Last night was Marc's annual winter bash. Always a good time, with lots of food, beverage and people. It was good to see some folks I hadn't seen in a while. Marc was also taking a big group around Fair Hill. Normally I am all over that, but today I just wanted to get in a quick couple of hours and head home. I was joined by Keith G, Todd, and Jay. We also picked up Brent and Paul. It was nice ride with a steady pace, but not a lot of trash talking. It was the quietest ride ever.

This was actually my first week of base. I am excited to be getting ready for the new race season. Past couple of years I just rode, and showed up at races to finish on the middle of the pack. I hope I can improve on that a bit this year.

Time for beer and football.

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