Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Smoother This Time...

Homebrew batch number 2 is in the primary fermenter. Despite having to do my boiling in the garage during a snow storm, things seemed to go pretty well. This next batch is an original IPA recipe. It should be pretty good, but I really have no idea. I upgraded to a wort chiller, which really helped. The style beer I am brewing is supposed to have an Original Gravity between 1.056 and 1.075, mine came out at 1.070.

The other improvement I made was using a liquid yeast. They tend to ferment a little smoother and more steady. Right now my airlock is is just steady bubbling, as opposed to blowing the lid off the bucket.

My only remaining problem is keeping the beer warm enough in the basement. I have the solution to that on the way. I will keep updating as things go.

As for the first batch, it still has a couple of weeks in the bottle. It should mellow out quite a bit. I may crack one open next week to see how it is doing.

Well, that's it,

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Mark said...

if your basement is that cold lager yeast does really well at 50. Most ales like 65 - 70 %. What did you hop with.