Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Changes...

It is amazing how fast things can change in life. I had worked out of the same local union for 11 years, and this April I made the move to work at Amtrak. It's less money but considerably more stable. After being stuck in the house for the better part of 3 months this past foaling season Rachael has had enough and she to is moving on the a new job. So in the past 4 months we have both made major changes, now we just bought a house. Up until now we have always lived in a house that came with Rachael's job, which has its advantages, but we never really had any Independence. Despite the extra financial burden of being home owners we now feel like we are starting a whole new chapter in our life, and we are both excited.

For the past 6 years I have had a 45 minute drive to work every day, now I will have a 10 minute drive, best part is I get an extra half hour sleep. For now Rachael will have to do the commuting, but it wont be forever.

I did manage to get in some riding in between packing and bottling beer. I met up with Les and Sam's brother Jeff, plus a handful of his friends from Emaus area. We managed to hit every single trail in Middle Run and White Clay, mainly because we lost a guy and rode around trying to find him, which we never did. It was a really fun time with a great group of folks. It's always cool to show off our super fast trails.

Well I have to crack the champagne so we can celebrate our new adventure.



Jason said...

Good luck Buddy!

Chris said...

Congrats Buddy!

airing out said...

Buddy, that's awesome! Congrats on the house.

When we did the PPRAC ride, there was a dude there that looked just like you. He even liked beer!