Monday, August 24, 2009

Its All Just A Blur...

With settlement just around the corner I haven't had time for a whole lot of things other that packing and faxing paper work. Because of our fast paced settlement, things have been really hectic. Thank god for Rachael who stays on me to get things done. Without her things would not be moving along relatively smooth. Having said all that, we did manage to get to to PRG, which sadly we will be leaving. As much as I hate to do it we will be joining DRG. It only makes sense since we will be living about 6 or 7 mile from there.

Of all the things I am going to miss about where we are now, like The Half Moon, the good road riding, the solitude, I will miss being less than 15 minutes from Victory the most. To make up for it we have been going there quite a bit lately.

I also got out for a couple of rides. Thursday I met up with the boys for Fair Hill, it was a full on heat treaty night, but we still had a good ride. Yesterday I met Jay on the road for a mellow ride that turned into a hill fest, an awesome ride though.

We only have until September 10 to get things packed and organized, not a lot of time even though we have put a big dent into things. I hope we don't run into any major snags along the way.


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Mark said...

Hey these guys don't bottle, but their beer is top notch.