Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bombs Away...

Like I said in my last post I am always up for something different, so when Bob asked if I wanted to go to 7 Springs to do some Down Hilling I was all over it. Yes it looks like Bob's roof is sagging from the weight. We were very fortunate to have Rick invite us out to his condo which we filled with bikes.
Bob sums things up nicely here. Here is my take. I started off pretty mellow, but by the 4th or 5th run was gaining confidence that was about the time I noticed this. I felt bad because it wasn't my bike, but I really think it was a bad design. So I was forced to rent a bike. I had a few issues with that as well, 2 flats and a broken saddle. Lucky for me the rental shop was a 100 yards from the lift.
Definitely the easy way up.
And this is the fun way down. The runs were everything from fast and flowy to big OH Shit drops and giant rock gardens.

What else do you eat after an hour and a half single speed ride and almost 6 hours of down hill fun.

We managed to have one magical run, Bob and I were totally in sync, and absolutely railed the nastiest trail they had. We went for one more, but it was obvious we were done for the day.

We did get out Sunday for another 4 hours or so, but then it was time to head fro home. I came away from this wanting more, much more. My first few runs were pretty pathetic, but by the end I was feeling pretty confident and riding well, I can see a down hill bike in my future.

For now it is back to the single speed, which is not a bad thing. Thanks to Rick and Wendy for having us, and Fitzy for letting me borrow his bike, and Bob for turning me on to this adrenalin enducing sport, and driving.




JenBob said...

what happened to the picture of me crawling up the hill dying in the noon-day sun?

That was my ticket to get out of Wed. night rides for at least another month.

Rick said...

There will be a "do-over" some weekend in mid-September. The DH course is only open on weekends then...